Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Second life goes puff for the night :(

Well it looks like second life has died for tonight, and I wanted to do some work too. Well hopefully they will get it working by the morning.

Sunday, 16 December 2007

Playing about with pictures.

Well i've been looking for something to play with my pictures with and a friend told me about this free program called gimp. I've been playing about with it for a few days and created some cool effects with the oilify and clothify functions to make a picture that looks painted. So here my picture by van Kate.
I've also made a version with a black/white background. This was done by creating a layer which is set to colour. So the darkness of each pixel determines if it is colour or black/white.

Saturday, 15 December 2007

Shopping and a update

Well its been a long time since I posted about the journeys about Kate the vampire. The malkavian vampires my family have left the NoR sims and moved to a few other sims. Vamps Nest, NoS and with a few people living in Vampires Asylum

I've just come back from shopping for some cool new hair at calico and while i was there i explored the basement of the cool goth, steampunk, vitorian etc sim next door.

I also come accross a picture from happier times at NoR.

Sunday, 25 November 2007

KCS 0.3.1 First public release!!

I finally finished KCS this is the first version i'm releasing to the public and has a few rough edges. But its usable and i can concentrate on finishing the rest of my sim and adding features. I will also work on the skills database.

Thursday, 11 October 2007

I'm a sire now :)))

They made me a sire YAY! :))

Well I needed something to to get my teath stuck into.

KCS Kates Combat System :)

Well i've been playing about with weapons a little and decided that none of the combat systems around really suit me.

CCS seams to be too difficult to get a sim enabled for and CCS lite dosen't let me use skills I earned in NoR. DCS costs money and i don't want to force my friends to buy another combat system. GCS sounds idea but it don't work with guns :(. So i'm having ago at developing my own KCS. KCS will allow you to set up the system on your own parcels.

How It Works

Currently you place a region server on a parcel in each sim which is owned by the group you wish to enable for KCS. The KCS meter will then activate itself whenever the group of the land matches the one sent out by one of the servers on a sim.

So basically its just like enabling damage on your land. You just place a server on it and adjust the setting and thats it. No requests to be added to a database and you get some of the power of a system like ccs.

Monday, 1 October 2007

(IC) Katie comes to terms with her undead life

What to say about my undead life as a malkavian vampire. Well I'm beginning to accept what happened to me and even maybe enjoy it. I hold no malice to my sire for ending my mortal life and am grateful for what happened in some ways.

The city of remembrance is a harsh place and as my powers grow i am learning that it is much better to be an immortal. The hunter then the hunted. I am now aware to of the horrors that inhabit the city. The vampire, demon, lycans and supernatural creatures that walk its streets. As my powers grow though I begin to realise that I don't need to fear them and I can defend myself I am getting stronger everyday.